Hill Engineering is an exceptional company based around simple values which stem from an unquestionable knowledge of the industry, combined with a healthy dose of logic and common sense. They are:


Every idea that results in a new Hill Engineering product, comes from our innate desire to find smarter and safer ways for the Industry to work.

Hill Engineering does not stand still and does not follow the lead of others… Hill Engineering answers questions that other companies avoid asking.


Customers are rightly demanding of perfection and Hill Engineering embraces the challenge to maintain our exceptional standards. Every stage of production, every material incorporated and every person involved, must maintain the Hill Engineering reputation for excellence.


Hill Engineering protects its name and reputation by keeping control of a product during every stage of development and production. This guarantees the standard and maintains the integrity of the Hill name.


Our responsibility to the safety of the products and, in turn, the safety of the customer is paramount. Hill Engineering products are durable and fit for purpose as well as being the most comprehensively safety compliant items on the market today.

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