TEFRA – high performance, low maintenance


TEFRA’s solid reliability was integral right from the design stage; because being incredibly safe was never a substitution for being incredibly durable.

TEFRA consistently performs in the most arduous conditions due to its simple design and solid structure, and it needs minimal attention in order to continue operating because it only has four moving parts.

Here’s how to look after your TEFRA on a daily basis

1) grease the coupler daily at the four, easily accessible points.

2) visually inspect the coupler for damage.

That’s it. And in the unlikely event that you do have problems with your TEFRA, we have a national network of independent installation and service engineers. This expert team is controlled from Newry and gives us the flexibility to respond to service requests promptly and efficiently, no matter where you are located.

Our Commitment

Hill’s commitment to you continues for as long as you need us, in a number of integral ways.

1) We can train your engineers – to install and repair our products. If the main hydraulic cylinder does ever need to be repaired, for example, this can be done in less than 2 hours. Service kits are readily available and they contain all the parts and special tools required.

We can also train your operators – Our expectation is that our intuitive coupler will be easily understood, however, we remain happy to provide any degree of training required.

2) We can deliver parts over night from our Newry base to anywhere in the UK. (as long as we receive your order by 13.30 the previous day.)

3) We can send an expert to assess any situation, irrespective of where you’re based, and we’ll rectify the problem in the quickest possible way in order to minimise your downtime.



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