If the HD range isn’t tough enough, we’ve also got our HDX models which exploit the superb qualities of high tensile, wear resistant steels such as Hardox , Weldox and Hi-Tuf. HDX buckets have a minimum 35% high strength steel content and can be designed to suit your specific application.

An important and unique feature of the HDX is the full width internal secondary beam, located inside the box beam head section for extra strength and improved torsional rigidity. The HDX buckets sport a greater use of wear bars and drop forged wear plates to create added strength and durability depending on the terrain and environment you need your excavator to work in.

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The HDX bucket range also comes with the option of a ‘D’ shaped cutting edge which offers maximum digging penetration of unblasted rock such as quarry faces. As with the HD series of buckets, you can also choose from your preferred manufacturer of wear parts.

The HDX is ideal for use in hard, abrasive ground conditions, where rock and other tough materials are being handled and where high performance, reliability and durability are essential to your operations.

Special applications

We can manufacture Titan buckets for the most extreme application. Please feel free to talk to us about your requirements.

  • Improved efficiency
  • Superior quality
  • Flexible design
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