Romanian contractor finds Hill Engineering’s couplers a “valuable technology”.

Tefra couplers by Hill Engineering have helped Romanian contractor Acvatot complete construction projects in Bucharest in extra-quick time as well as safely.

The couplers were used for a range of attachments for each of two Hitachi ZX135US-6 excavators supplied by the sole Hitachi distributor in Romania, Utirom Invest, who were confident they would meet all the prerequisites from Acvatot.

Established in 1991, Acvatot specialises in water and sewerprojects and road construction for major public and private clients. The company distinguishes itself by the quality, not the quantity, of the work executed.

With sustainable development at its core, the company also operates in the renewable energy sector, having built on longstanding networking experience, and they pay special attention to risk prevention and Health and Safety measures.

“The design, construction and repair of water networks inroad construction is one of the most frequent services that we provide,” said Acvatot’s chief operating officer Nicolas Santini. “The large number of projects we continue to work on in this sector, even though our activities are now very diversified, is proof to that.

Hill’s Tefra couplers have proved to be a good solution for solving unexpected challenges as well as satisfying future requirements, meeting Acvatot’s technical and financial requirements.

Nicusor Badea, who is responsible for Acvatot’s logistics and equipment, said: “We fully agree that the Tefra couplers are valuable technology and provide good support for our activities.

“The Tefra couplers assist in changing the attachments almost instantly, which means the operator doesn’t even have to get out the cab. It’s a very efficient solution on site, improving efficiency in a notable way. We were not disappointed at all. We took the risk of buying a product that was new to us and during the two years since the first purchase we have had zero problems with the Tefra couplers. So thankfully it was a success!”​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Nicolas Santini added: “The downtime is indeed minimal while the safety is maximised, which is a great advantage. It is obvious that Hill works to high standards which is reflected throughout the company’s high-quality products.

Acvatot found working with Utirom Invest on the Bucharest projects to be seamless and productive and has ultimately led to a successful ongoing partnership between the two companies.