Get to know the TITAN Bucket Range

Enhanced productivity comes as standard.

Built from high strength steel, Hill HD specification buckets are solid, robust and durable. They have an impressive array of the features you would expect, such as wear bars as standard and fabricated high strength box beams, as well as drop forged wear plates.

  • Improved efficiency
  • Superior quality
  • Flexible design

Our buckets feature a double radius design, which gives superior digging performance due to the low drag factor. This also means that they fill quickly, meaning more productive digging and loading operations. Our Titan buckets have an enviable reputation for build quality, excellent digging performance and long service life.
They are designed and manufactured in the UK to conform to Original Equipment Manufacturers dimensions and have the option of fixed pin or bossed attachment points.

Get to know the TITAN Buckets Range

We have two options in the Titan Range – the HD and HDX style.

These buckets can be ordered with heel shrouds, lip shrouds & side cutters. They are intended for long term use in the toughest applications, including demolition and quarrying. Your HDX bucket can be as unique as your application demands.

We also manufacture other types of buckets for specific applications and Ripper teeth, Forks and Hydraulic Thumbs, which are specially designed to complement the TEFRA coupler range.

TITAN Products

TITAN HD Digging Bucket

TITAN HDX Rock Bucket

TITAN HD Hitch mounted Thumb

TITAN HD Pallet Forks

TITAN HD & HDX Riddle Buckets