Hydraulic couplers that set industry standards.

Since 1994, we’ve pioneered the design and manufacture of hydraulic quick couplers for excavators. During this time, we’ve constantly looked for ways we can improve our products, researching and developing new products to add to our industry leading range, meeting stringent safety standards and delivering exceptional quality, synonymous with the foremost manufacturer in our industry.

We’ve set new standards with our products through relentless focus on quality, innovation, reliability and safety. We’re uncompromising, both in our exceptional production standards and our quest for new innovations. Like our customers, we demand perfection at every stage from the materials we use to every person involved. We’re fully committed to not only delivering world class products but also to maintaining new levels of safety and compliance, born out of our unquestionable and comprehensive knowledge of our industry.

Hardworking couplers that are big on durability. We’re the global leaders in excavator attachments. We supply leading manufacturer brands including Hitachi, JCB, Komatsu, Volvo and Caterpillar, and our products have won many awards around the world. We also supply direct to businesses in construction, civil engineering and demolition, with our TEFRA range of fully automatic quick couplers to suit excavators ranging from 2 Tons to 120 Tons.

All our products are manufactured at our purpose-built facility in Northern Ireland and sold to a global customer base via a distributor and support network around the world.

Get to know the TEFRA range

We have four options in the TEFRA Range – The excavator coupler for machines >10 ton weight class, the BHL coupler, Mini excavator coupler for machines <10 ton weight class and the TEFRA Tilt, available for excavators from 2 ton to 22 ton weight class. Each is manufactured to the same exacting quality standards and each features our unique dual locking system to meet enhanced safety standards.

Primary Locking System
The primary safety system consists of a uniquely designed set of hooks powered by a single high specification hydraulic cylinder. The cylinder works together with a dedicated solenoid valve, locking the attachment securely into place.
The intrinsic feature of the hooks is their shape – they are individually designed to tightly hold their respective pins against the body of the coupler. This secure and fail-safe retention means the attachment stays in place in all orientations and operating conditions.

Secondary Locking System
Our Active Protection System (Hill APS) consists of 2 separate powerful springs that apply pressure to the hooks to ensure attachment retention at all times.
A single leaf spring applies constant pressure to the front hook. This compact and durable spring ensures the hook stays in place at all times. A coil spring, installed on the hydraulic cylinder, works at the same time to ensure that the rear hook also stays in the correct location.

A coil spring serves exactly the same function in relation to the rear hook. Both springs are individually rated far in excess of any strength and safety requirements, and have undergone stringent testing to ensure durability and reliability in the field.




TEFRA 2 Ton MIni

TEFRA Connect