Hill has over 25 years experience in developing and building the safest couplers for excavators Our specialist expertise and our commitment to the customer is unrivalled.

Keeping our customers current and future needs firmly in mind, drives everything we do.

Hill does not compete to be the best amid the competition – we resolve to be the best for our customers. This focused approach defines our one simple goal: every Hill coupler will have world class safe operation at the heart of its design.

The global standard for the manufacture of hydraulic quick couplers is known by the designation ISO13031. ISO stands for the International Standards Organisation.

Couplers that meet this standard must have two entirely separate locking systems: a PRIMARY system (which is usually controlled by an hydraulic cylinder or cylinders) and a totally independent secondary locking system. This SECONDARY locking system, which always has to be engaged, may not be gravity operated and must always ensure retention of the attachment in the event of a failure of the PRIMARY system.

Hill has been at the forefront of the changes in our industry and which have led to the adoption of this standard and indeed is proud to have been one of the major leaders and influencers in the development and ultimate adoption of this standard.

With our pro-active approach, Hill not only exceeds global safety standards, we actually contribute to setting them.