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Hill has over 20 years experience in developing and building the safest couplers for excavation. Our specialist expertise is unquestioned, and our commitment to the customer is unrivalled.

Keeping our customers firmly in mind.

Hill does not compete to be the best amid the competition – we resolve to be the best for our customers. This focused approach defines our one simple goal: every Hill coupler will have world class safe operation at the heart of its design.

Where excavator couplers are concerned, there is some understandable confusion around safety regulations within the industry at the moment. So, here are the facts:

  • Manufacturers of couplers should comply with European Standard EN474 part 1, which is a more general document relating to all earth moving equipment.
  • EN474 part 1 is currently being reviewed due to formal objections by the UK HSE, which relate to the semi-automatic coupler.
  • A new ISO Standard is being written and is expected to become formal legislation in 2016.

The industry expects that the new ISO Standard will include the banning of semi-automatic couplers and gravity operated locking sytems in manufacture and sales.

Confusion over safety is not acceptable at Hill and we refuse to wait for ‘suggestions’ to become ‘requirements’. That’s why Hill already complies with the safety standards that are widely expected to become law in 2016.

With our pro-active approach, Hill not only exceeds global safety standards, we actually contribute to setting them.

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